Get all JT products easily, safely and quickly..

By browsing our website you can get to know all of our products. You can visualize them through the different categories (Shirts, Dresses, Pants, etc) or you can go to “View All” to see the complete collection. You can also go for a more accurate search by introducing a keyword in “Search”, that option is available in the upper side of our site.

Clicking over the product you are interested in you can get to see the specific details. By putting your mouse over the pictures, you can zoom them. Choose the colour and size you are interested in by deploying the list and adding them to the bag selecting the “Add” option. You can repeat the process with all the products you’re interested in.

Once you are ready to finish your purchase, select the bag icon, it is located in the upper right part of you screen. There, you are going to be able to see the details of the items you selected and if necessary you can delete or change them.

When you get to the Checkout option you will be in the final instance of the buying process. For the next step you can either create an account or buy as a guest. For future purchases having you own account will make it easier to track your order status and to solve any doubts you might have. Please check the data you are entering is correct so you can have a better follow up of your order. You can choose the shipping method that you want (personal address, post offices, pick up in store or express shipping) and you can also choose your payment method.

You can purchase products through the following options:

· Mercadopago: This is a safe platform that allows you to send or recieve money.
The payment methods available are:
1) Credit Cards:
You can use one or two credit cards.
It offers installments options with certain banks, you can see which ones here.

2) Cash through:
Provincia Pagos or Home Banking ATMs

The platform will provide a code matching your purchase which allows you to pay in any of the options mentioned above.

In some cases it takes some days for the payment to go through:
- Rapipago, Pago Fácil y Carga Virtual: up to 4 working days
- Provincia.NET: 1 working day
- RedLink: 1 or 2 work days

3) Mercado Pago account money.

MercadoPago it’s an online payment platform leading in America Latina that guarantees the safety of all the operations that take place through their system.

It has a privacy system that protects the cards information with a consumer protection program. If there is any kind of trouble with what you are buying, the give the 100% of you money back. If you want to know more information about MercadoPago’s safety click here aquí

Once you end the buying process you will receive a confirmation mail with all the information so you can be sure.

No, it will show that you bought something through MercadoPago.

Within the 48 working hours after your payment is processed. Once it is done, you will receive an email with all the information you might need and the code you will need to track your order.

Once the system confirms that your order was shipped the estimated shipping charges and times are:

· Home delivery Andreani
Time: 4 to 6 working days.
Charges: 200 ARG

· Andreani mail branch
Time: 3 to 5 working days.
Charges: 150 ARG

· Express Shipping
Time: If your order is confirmed before 15hs, it would be delivered the same day. In case it is confirmed after 15hs, it will be delivered the next working day. Charges: 250 ARG

Your order will be delivered between 9hs and 18hs from monday to fridays excluding holidays. Saturdays between 9hs and 13hs.

Yes, you have the option to come to one of our stores 48 hours after your transaction was approved:

Humboldt 291, Villa Crespo, City of Buenos Aires

Posadas 1317, PB A, Recoleta, City of Buenos Aires

during the normal hours of operation of both premises:

Monday to Saturday from 11hs to 19hs.

For the moment we only have shippings in Argentina.

In this case you have to go to “Forgot my Password” you will find it under the form you have to fill in to register into the site. You will receive automatic mail with a temporary password that you can change at any moment.

Logging in with your username you will be able to see all your orders and their status. In case you buyed as a guest please contact us to atencionalcliente@jtbyjt.com or call us 11 4857-6009 o we can provide you with all the information you might need.

What are the possible status you might find:

· Charged: The payment was done successfully
· Pending: You were not able to finish your purchase or the payment is still pending.
· Contact customer service:We haven’t been able to verify your information, please contact us 11 4857-6009
· Shipping in progress: We verified your information and it was ok, we are preparing your order and generating your invoice,
· Shipped: Your order is already in the mail. You can track it with the code you received in our last mail.
· Delivery: You already received your order.
· Canceled: Your order was canceled either by you, by the paying method or by us.

Yes, if you haven’t paid yet you can change or eliminate products from your bag. In case you already paid and it hasn’t been shipped, please contact us so we can help you atencionalcliente@jtbyjt.com or call us 11 4857-6009 so we can help you.

You can make a change up to 30 days after receiving your purchase. The products must be in their original packaging, with the label on the garment and you must present the purchase ticket for it. If you have made the purchase on the page, you must present the proof of purchase online. The first change is free. In case of requesting a second change, the client must pay $ 350 (three hundred and fifty pesos) for the removal and delivery of the mail.

We do not make changes of clothes in clearance for products of the new collection. There are different ways to make a change:

· Change in our official premises.. You can make a change for the same product in another size, or for any other brand product.
If there is a difference in favor of the customer, it can be used as part of the payment of another product or it will be paid. In no case will cash refunds be made. If the difference is in favor of the brand, the client must cancel it in order to obtain the highest value product.
· Reverse withdrawal via Andreani: Contact us at our email atencionalcliente@jtbyjt.com or by phone at 11 4857-6009 and indicate the order number, garment that you want to change, new garment that you wish to receive and address where we must go to withdraw the package.
Once we receive the package again in our offices, we will do the corresponding quality control. In case the change is approved, we will proceed to the new shipment.
In case there is a difference in your favor, you can use it as part of the payment of another product or it will be paid through a credit code only valid for online purchases. In no case will money refunds be made.
If the difference is in favor of the brand, the client must cancel it through a payment request in order to obtain the highest value product.
In the case of a return of a product purchased on the site, it must be managed up to 7 days after receiving the package. The products must be in the same state in which they were sent, with their corresponding label and packaging. The cost of removing the merchandise must be paid by the customer.